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 24-hour BCA call center number and  its services

The BCA call centre is supported by the management of Bank Central Asia (BCA) in a bid to provide complaint services from customers The call center itself is designated as a company’s center of calls to receive or send requests by telephone.

For example, when there are questions or complaints, BCA customers who wish to contact the bank can contact via CC  Number.Communications Center  No. You  can make a 24-hour call anywhere in Indonesia without having to enter each region’s code via cellphones or channels.

However, mostly for calls from foreign countries, the BCA call  centre number we will also be discussing in this  discussion A certain code must be added up front. In addition, to  contact CS Mela Aui  customer call center number Ju Customers don’t have to worry, because the service fee for contacting a CC BCA number is pretty cheap.

Interestingly, one of the largest private banks, BCA, also offers a call center without charge. In this discussion, for more details, we will  fully review  the Bekaa call center services. Come and see.

 BCA call center number and  its services

For those who want to contact this bank via CC service, if you are in Indonesia you are not accompanied by an area code and halo BCA number on 1500 888 The customer service team receiving customer calls via the number will provide answers in terms of questions. Some commonly asked via Hello BCA:

  1. Complaints related to problems

 The vast majority of BCA call center callers are experiencing problems, both as customers and the general public. In general, customers will first contact CC when they get a problem because they can contact Hello BCA for 24 hours.

  1. Stash Products

You can also ask for information about any deposits the bank offers through the contact center, some of which are Cpresi savings, futures, steps and many other products.

  1. Credit card

If you want to use credit card services, you can also request this information via Hello BCA. Customers who already have credit cards can also apply for an increase in the limit through the call center.

  1. Loan Services

Services related to borrowing funding are very common in banking activities, including at the BCA. You can ask for available loan information, including interest and other details.

  1. BCA Syaria

Many customers also contact the BCA call  centre to ask about Sharia services, for example, for  funds and deposits.

  1. Insurance

Includes platinum sierra and other insurance products.

In addition to questions about the above-mentioned BCA products, you can also apply for a new account via a call center. Bank Central Asia has provided online account opening services through internet banking and Mbanking.

BCA call centre service rates

To contact the bank’s call center, customers will be charged a service fee. If contacted via mobile phone, use the number +62 21 15,000 888 later Starting with Rp 220, prices will cost from Rp 220 per minute. Information about this service fee can change depending on policy and the type of provider used to call.

Before contacting Hello BCA, you should update personal information such as your full name, date of birth, account number and biological mother’s name Generally, when contacted by bank consumers, some validated questions will be carefully asked for the safety of customer services.

Preparing the necessary information and asking questions will help to alleviate telephone service rates, but you pay for the service. If you don’t want to pay a bill, you can contact the BCA via WhatsApp, which we will explain in further discussion.

How to contact BCA via WhatsApp

In addition to the CC number, customers can also contact the bank via a WhatsApp number.This latest service from the BCA makes it very easy for customers because they Telephone rates are not charged, and despite being contacted via WhatsApp, customers can still ask or file complaints about a variety of service products.

Not only that, but you can also contact the call center 24 hours full time via WhatsApp number, which means there is no time limit. So the information You can get a quick response from the BCA when needed, but you can only use the speech feature and not use video calls or audio messages.

Have you  already known how to contact  the BCA call center via TosApp number  ? Here’s information on how to contact the official phone number.

  1. Save WhatsApp phone number 08111 1500 998. Remember, there is only one bank WA number and “Bank” Don’t be stupid if there are other numbers that try to contact you on behalf of the BCA because the BCA “is named and the approved logo is listed.
  2. For a conversation, go to previously stored contacts and #HaloBCA; after a while, a customer service team or administration will reply to your conversation.
  3. Then you can submit questions or complaints that you would like to submit: “Thanklessly, I would like to ask you about the loan, and then the CS, which usually doesn’t take long, is still waiting for you to answer.

File, your message has been replied to by CS and the customer service team will end the chat column if there is no further reply for a long time. You can also send photos from JPEG or JPG formats. Curiosity? If you need information, there’s nothing wrong with contacting the BCA via WhatsA.

How to contact The Hello BCA call  centre for free

BCA also provides other customer care  services , which is free for credit, including the following information:

  1. Twitter

This Twitter account name   @haloBCA can be contacted via DM or mentioned when you have questions about BCA products. Becca Twitter CS should not lock the account so you can reply to the messages you send.

  1. Via Chat

Go to the bank’s official website and use available conversation features.  The official website address  is  bca.co.id, and you can later see the dispatcher popping up in the bottom right corner of the site page.

  1. By email

Hello BCA’s email address is in the halobca@bca.co.id  you can use to contact the customer services team when you  have  any questions or complaints  Normally the email management team will discuss your message within 24 hours, but it’s possible it could be faster.

For you who plan to contact the BCA customer service, you can use one of the above call  centers. Record and keep information about  the BCA call  center.

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