Oppo Service Center: GTEKNO

Oppo’s center service is a form of service offered to provide peace of mind and comfort to all consumers. In addition, Oppo is one of the gadget brands, especially mobile phones with a very wide market. Even in recent years, the brand continues to issue promotions to increase customers.

As you know, Oppo has become very famous for many things. One of them is for product variants that can reach from a lower class to a higher class. In addition, the models and specifications of each phone are provided, so it is not surprising that the product is very marketable.

Interestingly, it’s about dolls and mascots who are often seen dancing in funny moves. Usually, this can be seen in front of roadside outlets or service centers. The presence of this doll is very interesting for many people. Especially with an innocent expression with unique and interesting movements on his face.

This is a form of entertainment that is offered to guests when visiting the Oppo Service Center. Waiting in line is certainly quite tiring, but it disappears as soon as you see the interesting movements of the doll. But other than that, what else does Oppo offer to provide comfort to all consumers?

Support contact for all consumers

Providing constant service is the key to delighting consumers. One of them is customer service in various ways. Customer service can be enjoyed by all customers and potential customers. Of course, there are several methods that you can use to contact customer service from the Oppo Service Center.

  1. Support Contacts

Support contacts are provided to help customers get closer to Oppo in several ways. First, you can use a chat service, the second is a call, an email service. The chat service can be done daily without restrictions, but only during working hours from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.


  1. Connect with us

Social media services are the best choice so that all customers can stay connected with us. There are several official social media sites that you can follow to get many of the latest updates. You can follow the official account of oppo on Facebook or Twitter to stay close to us.


  1. Media Contacts

You can enjoy this service by utilizing email. So, when you are looking for an Oppo service center, you can use your email to ask about it. Send your questions and complaints to a pre-determined address. So all you have to  do is send it to press@oppo.com and wait for a response within 24 hours.

Part of this support is provided to help our customers feel comfortable and safe when using Oppo products. If you have any malfunctions or technical issues, it is enough to contact customer service. This service is always helpful without being limited to business days or hours of operation like in other places.

Oppo Service Center Support Services

Service center support from Oppo to the customer will be provided to ensure that the damaged phone can return to normal. In addition, this service is supported by providing various important facilities. For example, to check if the warranty status is still valid or to the price information of spare parts for replacing mobile phone parts.

  1. Repair

The first objective when visiting a service center is undoubtedly to repair the damage to the mobile phone. Damages can occur due to the negligence of the user or actually due to his old age. The armpits are old, and the condition of the mobile phone is also constantly declining. For this reason, we must improve it so that we can use it again with peace of mind.


  1. Software Upgrades

Software updates and upgrades are critical to technology. Every year, the phone needs an operating system update to better prepare. So, usually, some people want this as well. Of course, how to get the software upgrade can be found in the Oppo Service Center.


  1. consultation

We provide consulting services for customers who wish to solve various issues. Usually, there are complaints such as the phone suddenly turning off. Of course, there are a few things you need to know first before fixing it. For example, when was the last time you could use your phone successfully?


  1. Device verification

Device inspection occurs before the phone is completely disassembled. Usually, the inspection is carried out with a hammer in several ways. One of them is to use the power and volume buttons. This step is usually used to restart the phone and find the problem. This service is very helpful in overcoming the problems experienced by many customers.

Some of the featured services of the service center

Oppo Service Center offers several types that can be used by all customers. There are at least three types of excellent service. This excellent service is provided because of the huge growth in sales of such mobile phones. In just a few short years, Oppo has become the best-selling brand.

  1. Premium International Warranty

This service is one of the facilities offered to you when visiting other countries. While on vacation, your phone may be damaged. Therefore, with this service, you can easily go to the service e-center. However, this service is only for some types of mobile phones.

  1. 1 Hour Flash Fix

From the name alone, you can see that this service is provided by a one-hour problem identification. Interestingly, if the identification and repair exceeds an hour, you can get a replacement in the form of a souvenir. There are several types of randomly chosen souvenirs, including pens, alarm clocks, and earphones.

  1. Service Apps

This service is provided by offering several special applications from Oppo. The goal is to give users easy access to all the information about the warranty status repair of the phone. In addition, it has some interesting features, such as a conversation feature that allows users to have conversations anytime, anywhere.

Shuttle Service Center Service

Oppo’s customers are spread not only in big cities, but also in large cities, so such a service is very helpful. This mobile phone product is known for being able to provide excellent quality cameras. Many females are interested in this, especially the results of the image can compensate for some of the shortcomings that the owner has.

This service can be enjoyed with specific terms and conditions. Not all repairs are provided through the OPPO Shuttle Service Center. This in particular can only be enjoyed during working hours and during the day. However, keep it simple as the service center is open for 7 days at a certain time.

Each repair is carried out by a specialist who is already an expert in all components of the phone. There is no additional damage and you can get advice from a technician later. Such a proposal is very important for mobile users to become more mobile-friendly.

Be careful with all use so that there are no serious problems with the phone. If the damage is already severe, the replacement of parts will be wasted. However, using the shuttle service can help you identify faster and avoid serious problems.

The phone has become an important part, so you can’t escape the grip of your hand. However, since it is often used, it can be damaged without being noticed, even without noticing. Therefore, Oppo’s Service Center is here to solve this problem.

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