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No less than foreign electronic products, Polytron’s service center is also close to where you live. Most people think that this one company belongs to foreigners. Although this company is originally Indonesian founded in Kudus in 1975. In the past few years, it has certainly undergone some changes.

Certainly there are some products produced from Polytron. But for now, the most emphasized is television. With the highest quality, you will not regret buying electronics from this brand. Needless to say, the category of audio equipment is enough to enjoy very memorable music.

Still, the so-called electronic products created by humans must have been damaged, big or small. Luckily, you can easily reach the nearest Polytron Service Center . You can come directly to the place. Before that, you can first consult with a call center that works 24 hours a day.

Where can I get call center contacts? Of course, open the official website. In addition to dealing with damage, the Polytron website can also offer a product warranty registration in order to obtain a fee waiver to repair the damage. Want to know how? See the description below.

What are the features of the Polytron Website Service Center?

Politron, still a subsidiary of Djarm, is now growing rapidly with many high-quality product offerings. Starting from home needs, travel, communication and lifestyle, his electronics have it all.

The occurrence of damage to Polytron products is not actually a quality defect of our company. However, several causes may trigger the damage. Why do we point to the Polytron Service Center website as the first step in identifying damage?

Of course, because our official website has several features that are very useful and help us to deal with problems with the product. Not fully functional, complete death, or other types of damage, etc.

It is undeniable that we feel anxious when an electronic object that has not been bought for a long time is damaged. It is a real shame if it is broken but has not undergone further treatment for repair so that it works even better. Especially if you buy at a high price.

Therefore, try to open the official website of https://polytron.co.id/services and get more information for the different features available.

  1. Get to know the product page

On this page, you can get support services to know more about the products you have purchased. The guidebook is also available for free download. We’ll discuss this later in the next subchapter.

  1. Product Registration and Warranty

If you want to guarantee the safety of your purchased Polytron product, please register online to receive the warranty. Get some benefits from this registration.

  1. Service Location

This is very important, when the purchased tool is damaged, it certainly needs to be repaired. Using this menu, you can find the location of the Polytron Service Center closest to where you live.

The main thing when you don’t understand the problem of the product

As we have already mentioned in the first point above, to know the Know the product page, we are going to explain it here. If you are confused about an issue that arises with a purchased electronic product, please contact our call center or Polytron Service Center directly.

That’s just that, also realize that newly bought items are not very well understood by you. It may not work because there are elements that are not installed. Therefore, you need support services.

That doesn’t mean you have to contact CS. The support service is too long, as it can be downloaded directly from the digital instruction manual of the page feature to know the product. For download instructions, see the following procedure.

  1. Just open the official website of the aforementioned Politron.
  2. Later, there are also contacts that you can get in touch with with some menu functions and select the “Know the product” menu.
  3. The search will then be even more detailed as the product search page is divided into three columns.
  • Category sections (TV, mobile, AC, etc.)
  • Then select the type that is in the options.
  • So, what kind of model is it?
  1. Once you have done everything in the search field, simply click Continue and you will see the product you are looking for later, along with the download link of the guidebook you need.
  2. Download and read the instruction manual.

Alternative means of contacting and consulting with the Politron Call Center

If the service support in the digital instruction manual is not enough, do not worry or panic. Because you can contact customer service to get instructions for Polytron Service Center.

Afraid that there will be incorrect handling later  , it is mandatory to make repairs only in official service places. There is certainly one in your city. Also, if you still have a warranty, bring a warranty card and it will be repaired free of charge.

This process is very fast as it is done by professionals. The result is very satisfying as it allows you to return to function as before. Before visiting the Polytron Service Center, you should first consult with cs about your next option.

  1. Phone

It runs from 08.30-16.30 Monday to Friday and 08.30-14.30 on Saturday and can be contacted by CS to contact 1500 833. Remember only during working hours. Beyond that, it doesn’t deliver.

  1. email

Please send a message to the cs@polytron.co.id email address in the form of a complaint or consultation, and can be done for 24 hours.

  1. WhatsApp

Like the phone service, Saturdays are just useless. You may contact the following WhatsApp number 085321005100

  1. Online Chat

After that, the last option is to use live chat on the website. Simply click on the “Start Chat” column on the front page and it will be sent directly to the CS you are working on.

For your safety, please register your warranty on the Polytron Service Center website.

Next, the final explanation to Politron consumers is that they want to guarantee the safety of their products by registering their warranties through the official website of the Polytron Service Center. This method is also very easy and does not take much time.

The warranty held by the customer can then be used as a warranty in case of damage. Rather than wasting a lot of money just for repairs, it is better to take advantage of the warranty alone.

Therefore, if you have just purchased this product, go directly to the official website and click on the product registration and warranty menu. For the next step, see the following details:

  1. Later on the page you will see some required fields. It’s like a regular registration form.
  2. You must fill in the fields.
  1. Product Categories
  2. type
  3. Purchased product model
  4. Serial number (found on the package or purchase note)
  5. also enter the date of purchase
  6. Then, enter your mobile phone number.
  1. If so, click Register and follow these steps until the product is on the list of warranty cardholders:

Find deals on important days too. In addition to checking the official website, you can also follow social media to find more updated information. Even your social media accounts make it easier to ask for the location of the Polytron Service Center.

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