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Having entered the smartphone market not long ago, Realme Service Center has spread all over almost all of Indonesia. Considering that he founded his company alone in China in 2018, it was an amazing feat. Although the price is cheap, it still offers the best performance and this smartphone immediately attracts attention.

Mobile phones are electronic objects that have become a necessity for many people. Compared to a wallet, when you’re traveling, you’re more worried about missing your phone than your wallet itself. With just one grip, you can do anything.

Still, damage is inevitable. In addition, it is often used every day, and problems arise due to daily usage factors. If there is damage, it is certainly better to come to the public office. According to many consumers, the experience of the Realm service center in mobile phone repair is very good.

If the warranty is still in effect, there is no charge except for repairs that require a new device to be installed. Learn about the benefits of repairing at a service center and how to use warranty for repairs.

Frequent troubleshooting on Realme phones

Troubleshooting this phone and common problems is nothing to worry about if you have the opportunity to fix it for free through the Realme Service Center. Chinese smartphones that open up the market in Indonesia have always been a huge success at low prices, but the quality is like expensive mobile phones.

If this phone is said to be durable, it is said that it depends on the user himself. There are many reasons why a Realme branded smartphone can get damaged either by accident or by mistake from yourself.

This time, we are going to talk to Realme users about some categories of issues that often occur on Realme phones. What are they?

  1. Power, charging, and battery issues

Frequently occurring problems in this category can occur due to the following reasons:

  1. I can’t turn on my phone
  2. Then it dies suddenly
  3. The battery charges very slowly and does not even charge.
  4. Temperatures so high that they feel very hot
  1. Categories Trouble Signals, Networks and Calls

Communication is a bit of a problem and communication is very important for sudden needs, so not being able to connect to the internet can be a problem today. Typically, for issues in this category, the constraints are:

  1. The provider name section of the phone disappeared because there was no service or weak signal.
  2. When you get a call, your voice is not very clear.
  3. Internet data is slow or not connected.
  1. Categories Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Applications

This is the most common and frequent. Many realm users contact the Realme Service Center directly for consultation if they have any of the following issues:

  1. Phone response is very slow
  2. I can’t connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on other devices
  3. Camera crashes and can’t open
  4. Application stops unexpectedly
  5. In addition, we do not accept notifications from the application.

Contact a contactable Realme Service Center

Actually, the various troubleshooting mentioned above can be dealt with quickly if you don’t panic. The initial handling of these various issues can be done directly on the official website and then directly on the troubleshooting page.

Later, select the category of obstacles you experienced, click on it immediately and later the solution appeared immediately. However, if you  experience serious problems, such as mobile phone hardware, contact your call center directly first for assistance.

If you visit the Realme Service Center website, you will soon find some interactive contacts that will help you.

  1. email

If you feel that the disability you are facing is mild, but just want to learn more, please send us a complaint by email immediately

  1. Calls during business hours

You can also ask important things about the mobile phone and want a quick answer, you can call (021) 2235 6666 at 09.00-18.00 WIB opening hours Monday to Sunday.

  1. Live Chat Di Website

You can also have an online chat directly on the website from Monday to Friday 09.00-18.00 and Saturday 08.00-17.00. On Sundays and public holidays, it can not be consumed.

Why should you have a K e-realm service center for repairs?

Apart from the call centers mentioned above, it is also very easy to find a Realme product service center in your city. The official website provides instructions for you. The home page has a column of searched service centers with two boxes in the state and city categories.

Just choose where the state and city you live in is. After that, the website will show the address of the official service place. Why do you have to go to the official service,  can’t you repair android phone to ordinary coun ter? Don’t underestimate the Realme service center. The advantages are:

  1. As soon as you contact the service, you will be treated with the best service.
  2. It is also popular in Indonesia, so there is no need to go outside the city.
  3. If the nearest service location is still far from your area, please send your phone. Keep it simple, it is very secure and payment can be made on delivery later.
  4. It will be repaired by a specialist so that the damage can be properly overcome until it starts to function as before.
  5. If you still have a warranty card, there will be no repair costs as long as you can meet the warranty requirements.

Steps to use your warranty card to go to the Realme Service Center

The fifth point is that it is free if you still have a warranty card. There are only terms and conditions that you have to follow if you want to receive a warranty.

Many realm users do not know how to utilize a warranty card because they believe that it is complicated and requires a lot of time to apply. As a result, it serves up to the origin of the location.

When using the warranty, if there are damaged components, they will definitely be replaced with new ones and will not be used. In addition, even after replacing spare parts, the warranty period is 90 days, which is the same as the validity period of the mobile phone warranty.

Before you apply for warranty repair, you should know that the phone, adapter, and battery components have different lifetimes.  If you already know its applicability, the terms and conditions for taking advantage of the warranty are:

  1. You plan to bring proof of a copy of your mobile phone purchase at that time.
  2. The IMEI serial number of the warranty card must not be torn, otherwise it will not apply.
  3. Realme’s service centers  do not receive warranty repairs if the phone gets into liquid, moisture, or undergoes a modification outside the service center.
  4. If you purchased Realme overseas, you will not be able to receive services from a service center in Indonesia.
  5. In addition, Realme will not accept warranty repairs if damaged by daily use or carelessness itself.

Make sure your phone is repaired and you are trying to get a valid warranty, and ask customer service about the problem first.  If you really meet the requirements, you can go directly to the nearest Realme Service Center to receive the next treatment.

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