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West Java Province Renowned for Indonesia Tourism Benefits

West Java Province, of course,  has a city in Bandung, which  has extraordinary attractions. Especially with all its originality, of course, this place also attracts a lot of attention. Including visiting tourist attractions in the area, because there are a lot of places that can really be visited, and of course give their impression of enjoyment.

Until now, the area has its own uniqueness to the point of popularity in various other regions. Even since the colonial era, West Java has had its own story of a struggle to protect Indonesia’s independence. Therefore, his name has often been discussed, especially in discussions about history.

Although indeed, in 1949, the state of Pasun became part of the NIS or the United States of Indonesia. But a year later, West Java Province  re-joined the Indonesian state and continued efforts to develop state sovereignty. Wrestling is the background in the  confirmation of the historical story of the  place  .

Many of the peculiarities of the  West Java region can be tried to find out before arriving there. Of course, this fact will be interesting later when you enjoy the atmosphere and emotions in the area yourself. Even deeper with different cultures around Indonesia   , of course, there is  nothing wrong with you if you get to know West Java.

 Geography and demographics of West Java

Graphically,  indeed, the area  is  the most western province on the island of  Java  , and later makes it a direct adjacent to the  Indian Ocean as well as the Java Sea.  The place has a combination of many rivers running its water into the Java Sea and lowlands in the north, while the middle is part of Mount Seremai. So there are a lot of interesting places in the area.

One of the most interesting aspects of this region is the conflicting characteristics of the two individuals, modern people living around the Jabodetabek area and the Great Bandung. By the way, there are still people in the village, of course, thick artificial habits are still felt there a lot.

So when you get there, you may feel a different life, even if you are in the opposite place. It’s interesting because tourists can definitely choose to enjoy the atmosphere to provide feel and comfort while in  this province.

Most people  from the western province of Java use Sundan for daily communication, albeit with the usual dialects of some regions. Even now, the use of regional languages is being promoted again, so some television and local radio have used it to introduce it to a modern society that uses more Indonesian.

There are many things you can do there, including visiting Bandung as an Indonesian fashion center. Even this area is called the Paris Van Java so that fashion lovers can enjoy time there. But for those who want to enjoy a different atmosphere, arriving in a   rural  area  with only a  quiet atmosphere calms down as a place to travel and relax.

Compulsory Kitchen in West Java

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Food is always filled when discussing the territory.  For  the westernmest province on java island  , it certainly has many specialties that are well known in other areas so they can be easily found. But if you try it directly, of course, the taste will also have its own originality, so that you can enjoy it later while you spend  time in the  area  .

Processed food, made from vegetables  such as  onion plants, onions, long onions, lettuce, ovaries, cabbage, as well as other types of additives, are mixed together.  Also  watered with peanut butter is a popular dish in this area.   The name of the processed is karedok, of course, you have heard about it.  To  enjoy this processed food is definitely tasty and attractive.

Another interesting food in the area is oncom smoke beehives.   This rice is definitely specially processed in combination with   several selected processed  spices, including spices,  to  produce rice with a specific taste. It is especially  rare in other regions  for  a  kitchen made from rice and oncom from The West Java Region  , so you have to come directly to enjoy it.

But you  need to get acquainted with a variety of interesting hills, such as legs, eggs, meatballs, as well as other additional options with sebaceous food.  For  those who like fragrant flavors, you really do not want to try these spice-treated crackers. Moreover, its uniqueness is that  cracker ingredients are soft because they are soaked and then  cooked with  spices  so that the taste is specific and specific.

The  typical  art of the West Java region is definitely amazing

Culture is something interesting and  indeed continues to be preserved and each region has its own characteristics.  The  province of West Java was   influenced by Sundan and Cirebon cultures. Then   a great number of cultures developed in the surrounding area , and it produced many artifactions to enjoy to this day .

Jaipong is a  dance  known as the art  of the west java region  . Dance  is a combination of tap dancing, ronggeng, to special movements for martial arts. This art is indeed an extraordinary attraction that many foreigners would like to learn and master to do well   .

There is also art from the West Java region, that is, wayang golek.  Most  of the stories told in art are Mahabarata and Ramayana. Culture developed from the time of ancestors  and continues to this day. Although indeed shows have started to be rare, they are usually still found in some special occasions, such as weddings.

In addition to not only art, there are also various regional crafts you can find. Cirebon, for example, has filled the usual batik, wrought umbrella, ceramic, bamboo, and much more. Each region has its own  signature ship so we can ole h-by it before returning home.

View a special region of sebac origin

Of course,  there are different points  that make the westernmmest province on java island  really  worth a special one  . Along with the presence of a large obsessor called Bosscha, built since Dutch times  . The place is later designated as a cultural heritage and can still be used to conduct observations on celestial bodies today.

Another feature of this area is the presence of Kukang Taneuh, an Indonesian-style Green Creek. The view of the green river there is sure to surprise everyone who comes.  Equipped with exotic caves  , this increases the peculiarity of the place.   Of course, it attracts the attention of tourists, especially foreign tourists.

In addition, according to UNESCO rules,  there  is a musical instrument in the form of Angklung as a  cultural heritage  . This musical instrument is really very specific because different sizes produce different tones, so it takes a few angles to produce the name as desired for it. A special place was even built to train this tool and introduce it to tourists.

West Java is really very unique and fun to visit. Not only tourist attractions and culinary, but culture and a wide variety of niche are also preserved. No wonder this also reaches the ears of foreign tourists. So, you  also need to try to come to the West Java region  to find out with your own eyes the different peculiarities of it.