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How to Access Air Asia Indonesia Call Center  Online

Since 2019, this airline has begun to change  the Air Asia Indonesia call center  system  , which was previously manual and needed staff in its services to an all-online and centralized system. This is done, among other things, so that Air Asia customers  can find it easier to contact the airline.

Initially, the call center system provided by the airline was only by telephone, which was to be managed manually by staff. Perhaps, on the one hand, this will further clarify the solution expected by the customer with regard to the different obstacles they face. Unfortunately, there are time and resource constraints.

The Air Asia Indonesia call center  , which still uses the manual system, can only be accessed through a single door that is open every day, but only between 06.00 and 22.00. So in this case, the customer can not contact mas kapai at any time if something happens.

Air Asia services  are currently all transferred to the AVA live online chat system, which can be accessed wherever and whenever you want. Accompanied by artificial intelligence, this system can work automatically and answer your questions satisfactorily if they match your general questions.

There are also several types of live chat provided by the airline Air Asia  , including live chat that can be accessed through the social networks Twitter, through Facebook, through the mobile application or through the Whatsapp sending app. Below is the full review of each live chat.

Contacting airlines via Facebook Messenger

One of the social media that is quite and still popular even among its young peopleat this is Facebook.   This app is one of the social media that can provide a lot of information. Through Facebook, users can also exchange messages through the Facebook Messenger feature, which, of course, is easy to use.

In improving comfort services for its customers, Air Asia Airlines  uses this social network to be able to host suggestions and criticism from its customers online. The airline has replaced  the air asia indonesia manual call center  with the help of chatbots on  the official Air Asia  account  on its Facebook page.

You can access the official website of the airline, then click on the messaging section and easily contact Air Asia. However, you should know that Facebook Messenger only uses chatbots and is not in direct contact with Air Asia staff  who can answer questions in detail.

Even so,  you can still ask questions related to the various issues and obstacles you face through this Facebook Messenger, as long as your questions  are still general and not too detailed. Because, this Facebook Messenger chatbot can only provide simple answers for you as a customer of an asking airline.

Easier services through AVA Live Chat Air Asia

Air Asia  Indonesia call center  is not only transferred to social networks, but also through the airline’s official website. The airline also offers a chatbot system on the official website to provide live chat services with customers. Customers can now easily contact airlines through this system.

The difference between the AVA chatbot service and Facebook Messenger is quite significant. The live chat system on the official website has been created specifically by air Asia’s IT team  , so even if it is a chatbot, this live chat can answer and answer various more complex questions.

For this reason, customers of Air Asia airlines  are advised to use the AVA live chat more for various questions that are quite detailed answers. The transition of air Asia Indonesia’s manual  call center  to an online system is very useful for customers to get information 24 hours every day.

To use it is very easy. You just have to visit the official website of Air Asia. After that, find the live chat icon in the lower left corner of the page. You can access this website via mobile or desktop.  You can also download the official mobile app.

Air Asia Indonesia Call Center Transition via Twitter Account

In addition to using the live chat service of the AVA, which can be accessed on the official website, as well as on Facebook Messenger,  you can also contact the airline through the official Air Asia Twitter account. Twitter is a social media that is quite widely used by users from all walks of life. For this reason, this method is easier.

To communicate via Twitter, it is not in the form of live chat, such as on Facebook Messenger or on the official website, since Twitter does not have the chat function.  However, you  don’t have to be confused about communicating through this social network. The thing you need to do is quite easy.

Just send a direct message or message directly to Air Asia’s official Twitter account  in @AVA_airasia.  In addition to that, you can also mention the account in the posts you tweet to get answers. The advantage of this system is that it directly involves the staff of Air Asia airlines.

This means that your questions can be answered to the fullest and in detail. After  asking a question by the previous method, the airline will contact you again.   You can get answers directly or redirected through  the Air Asia Indonesia call center in the  form of an AVA chatbot, as long as the requested problem is not too difficult.

Facilitatingdirect chat through the Whatsapp app

The live chat service offered by Air Asia airlines  is becoming more sophisticated and pampering customers. One of the facilities, you can now contact Air Asia only through the whatsapp short messages application. Whatsapp support for Air Asia live chat  was offered in June 2020.

As a short message delivery application that is very popular and used almost all over the world, of course, the existence of a direct chat service through Whatsapp is a plus point for Air Asia itself. Here,  you’ll connect with a virtual assistant or a support team from Air Asia.

Unfortunately, it will take a long time to get in touch directly with the support team. But in using live chat on WhatsApp, the method is very easy and even the easiest compared to other methods. You just have to access this application either through a computer or through a mobile phone, and then open the chat.

After that,  click on the new contact and enter the Air Asia Indonesia call center  number  on WhatsApp with the number +601135165078 and type anything to get started in the chat room. Later, you will get a response from the Air Asia  chatbot and just follow the following steps.

Through this WhatsApp application, you will be easier and more flexible in asking various questions related to flights and airlines. Air Asia chatbots will usually offer common questioning options as keywords to ask.  You just have to reply with a number that matches their list.

Now, with the development of technology, everything is really very easy and pamper customers. Air Asia is no exception  , which also upgrades in terms of communications services. Even if  the air asia indonesia manual call center  is no longer applied, you can still communicate more flexibly and simply.

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