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What is the Function of an Employment Certificate? Note this

Whether the function of a work certificate or it can be called a letter of packaging can be something that is often requested by newlyworked employees. Usually, this letter of packaging is used by employees who resign and require a statement or referral from PT.

This letter is biasedyes issued by the HRD department, and is evidence whether the employee was part of the PT concerned for a certain period of time. In the letter, there is also the last position and the time period in question of the work.

In addition, the letter usually also includes general employee data as well as a description of the performance and attitude they have briefly during their time as part of the previous PT and pt that issued the letter. This letter also has use as official evidence if the employee works in PT.

Basically, this letter is not limited to applying for jobs, but it is also used for other things. In fact, this letter is also used by migrants who will take care of official documents in the relevant agencies. The following is a variety of information related to the letter of packaging, including whether the function of the employment certificate.

Contents of the Package Letter You Want to Be There

That letter of packaging contains various types of information such as having worked as an employee and the PT concerned. In addition, it also does jobdesc according to the company’s demands. This letter also contains about the length of the relationship between you and the company.

In some letters, the company also wrote down the behavior of employees doing their job, the cause of the end of the employment relationship between the PT and the employees and thanked the employees for the contributions they made while working at the company.

The letter paklaring is definitely different from the letter of the dismissals. If the letter is rejected, this letter is a letter to be given by the company when it dismisses the employees, but the paklaring letter is not always given by the company. Usually, if there is an employee submitting a request, this letter is given, especially since it has contributed to PT’s progress.

Whether the function of the job certificate is obviously very important, therefore, if you no longer work in pt, be sure to request a work certificate. In addition, make sure that the letter statement is in line with the current incident, as it is important to apply for a job in another PT.



As long as the letter has a companyhead, it has a valid PT signature and stamp, the letter can already be used for various purposes. But it still needs to re-examine whether the information there is really appropriate.

How To Get a Paklaring Certificate

Before they find out what the function of a work certificate is, many new employees are still confused about getting a work certificate. In fact, getting a work certificate is very easy, you can request a letter to the relevant personnel department, when you have requested a letter, usually the company secretary is done immediately .

When you ask for this letter, you don’t have to be afraid or hesitate, becausethe granting of this letter has become your right as an employee. In addition, not a few universities have rules for distributing letters to employees after they stop working at pt.

However, usually the format of the letters paklaring between one company and another is slightly different. For example, a letter of packaging from a banking company, may be slightly different from a letter from a creative industry.

Although demikian, is the function of the employment certificate the same? Of course, it is the same, so that the letter you hold can be used later as a way to manage various types of documents or important needs. The need is not just to apply for a new job.

The Function of Paklaring Letters Turns Out to Be Many

Most employees think that if a letter of packaging is only needed to apply for a job in a new PT, with this letter convincing a new PT to recruit us to become employees may indeed be easier. However, the paklaring letter is not just for this matter. Here’s what he does:

  1. You are looking for a new job. Finding a new job is a key function. This certificate is useful for providing a career record you have. Make no mistake, every achievement you’ve achieved from the PT where you worked before can help find out the extent of your career achievements.


Paklaring letters are an important note to see career development. So that in the curriculum vitae you make to apply for a job, you will not only be written about your experience, but also there will be real evidence.

  1. Requirements when you want to withdraw BPJS funds of work. When you want to withdraw funds or disburse BPJS funds of employment, you must provide a package letter file. Usually, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan asks for a paklaring letter that has been legalized by the company.

The collected file is a copyof his photos, so it is not an original letter. If you added the letter, you could later disburse funds of about 10 to 30 percent of ketenagakerjaan BPJS funds, even if you still work at the PT as an employee.  Is the work certificate function enough to get here? No.

  1. Bank cash loans. If you want to borrow funds or money from the bank, you also need this certificate. The letter is used as a condition of bank approval. Certain loans require information if you are part of the company where you work with a strategic position.

Later the bank will consider whether it can really pay off the loan by working in the position. Usually, the bank asks you to fill in this letter as a condition for the applicant who wants to apply for a loan. Loans are not only funds, but can also be loans for cars or motorcycles.  whether the function of this work certificate is indeed important.

  1. Apply for a scholarship. Scholarships obtained from professional paths require a valid package letter and have been legalized by the company. This letter is indeed a requirement to be met if you apply for a scholarship through professional channels. Usually, these scholarships are awarded by the government or the private sector.

Obtaining a Paklaring Letter Has Conditions

After knowing what the function of a work certificate is, another thing that should not be forgotten is the conditions for making this letter. Before this certificate is issued, there are several requirements that must be met by the employee, this syasaw is what you arereferring to the company so that you can issue it.

  1. Resign well. Resigned employees can obtain this certificate, the absolute condition it must have is that they resign properly. as already submitted, this certificate serves as a recommendation or reference from the previous company. Therefore, if the resignation is not good, of course, you cannot ask for recommendations.
  2. You work at least a year. Working for a minimum of one year is also a requirement to obtain a letter of packaging. If you haven’t worked for a year, employees are considered immature to perform their performance. Not only that, this certificate is also closely related to the ethics of running a career.

If you look at the functions this letter has, of course, this type of letter is able to provide various kinds of conveniences for employees when deciding to leave and get another job, having this document can even help workers get their rights, so it recognizes whether the function of a work certificate is right.