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Popular and delicious west Java Sambal varied recipe

The recipe of Sambal Khas Java Barat arequite popular in many areas as well.  There are many specialtiesthat use a typical chili saucefrom each region asitcan add a delicious flavorto anymeal. Sambal is also a characteristicofthe Indonesian state.

Rich in spices makes the country of Indonesia have many ideas to serve as a special food from any region. This chili sauce is also an additionthat is no less important for almost most people. Connoisseurs of Sambal are quite numerous and extensive.

Therefore, somesay that if you eat without chili sauce, itwill feel less tasty. The island of Java has one area, namelyWestJava, which has a typical sambal withquitea lot of connoisseurs. Sambal’s recipe is different typical of Western JavaSerin is in demand becauseit isquite unique and leaves a special impressionfor its connoisseurs.

WestJavahas typical foodthat is famous for being quite spicy and spicy.  This is attributed becausethe WestJava region is mostly in low temperatures, so when eating only withwhite rice, fried salted fishand chili sauce made the residents there feel verytasty to eat.

Fresh chilli dadak sauce due to sliced orange limousine

Thefirst recipe for various chili sauces in West Javais Sambal Dadak. This type of chili sauce is quite popular because of its namewhich means newly made.  The peculiarity ofthis chili sauce is also not only in its name but also in the taste and how to prepare it. This chili sauce is also often served infood stalls, so people can enjoy it.

The practicality of Sambal Dadak makes the sellers not bother, meaning that this chili sauce will be made as soon as someone orders. So the chili sauce will taste better. In addition,This chili sauceisalso made by mixing slices of orange and limousineto maintain its freshness.

You can enjoy this chili sauce with any food, but most of you enjoy it with the addition of fried chicken or fresh fried salted fish.   You can do it because it is quite easy with the recipe below.

The necessary ingredients are 3 onions, 5 red peppers and cayenne peppers suitable for  the size or for those who like spicy can increasethe quantity, a grilled spread is enough 1 teaspoon alone, 1 teaspoon of salt,brown sugarby 30 g, tomatoes 1 piece cut into pieces, as well as slices orlimousine orange juice .

How to prepare it is to opt forall theingredients provided such as shallots, red pepper, cayenne pepper, shrimp paste,brown sugar, and salt. Then after feeling smooth enough add the red tomatoes and ulek until smooth.  The last of the recipesfor various chili sauces in WesternJava, namely Sambal Dadak , is to add slicesof orangelimoor freshly squeezed water.

When eating this sambalrecipe, you will immediatelybecome addictedand want to continue eating. The salty andslightly sweet taste, as well as the freshness of thelimousineorangewill leavean impressionon its connoisseurs.   Especially if it is enjoyed when in cold weather conditions, it will be even more delicious.

The pungent scent of sambar chicken

The following recipe for chili sauce is also no less delicious and tasty because the ingredients used are also quite different, namely cannacore. One of these Indonesian spicesis indeedused quite rarely formost dishes, but it turns out to have a unique flavor to the dishes.

In fact, many say that the WestJava region most often uses one ofthese spices. The recipe for various Westernchilisauces from Sundanez does containavery spicy aroma and usually makes people tempted and want to eat itimmediately.

Cancor has its unique aroma andit is the main ingredientin the typical recipe for sandani chili sauce. Many love this unique chili sauceand will leave a good impression.  The ingredients used in the preparation of this chili sauce recipearealso quite simple, namely cayenne pepper according toyour taste and level of spiciness.

2cloves of shallots and 1 cloveof garlic, the main ingredientsof 1 segment, 1/2 teaspoon of grilled shrimp paste, 1/2 tomato, 1/2 lime, salt and sugar depending on the flavors. Although the use of the main ingredients is only a little but it has a fairly strong tastewhen eating.

How to prepare it, the recipe for various chili saucesin West Javais as follows.

  1. Wash all the  ingredients one by one.
  2. Mash all theingredients by scratching them , but for the tomatoes and the shrimp paste, let thembe crushed last so that the aroma is more pleasant.
  3. Afterthe desired level of finesse, squeeze the lime from aboveto add freshness.

The Green Sambal Seduces Sambal Chibiuk

Sambal is characterized by aspicy taste that is very appetizing when eating. Sothefollowing recipe for various chili sauces in West Javaalso tastes spicy. But this time the color of the chili sauce is different from the two types of chili sauce above because this chili sauce is a tempting green, that is, chili chibeoksauce.

Justlikedad’s chili sauce on top of which is not fried, chibiuk sauce is also classified as raw chili sauce. This type of chili sauce can be easily foundin the city of Garut. Although it is green and different from other chili sauces, the ingredientsused are notmuch different.

The tool usedisjust a ulek and can be enjoyed with a lot offood as a supporting ingredient from fried chicken, fried fish, to crackers. In fact, many people also eat only with white rice and chili sauce, which is alsovery tasty.  Belowis a recipe for various green chili saucesin West Java.

The ingredients usedthis time are to prepare quite a lot of green pepper or green cayenne pepper or you can mix the two.  The green colorof the chili sauce comes from this main ingredient. Other ingredients are 2 green tomatoes, 2 shallots, 1 clove of white bwang, 1 handful of kamen gi leaves, 1 cm of, 1 teaspoon of shrimp paste salt and sugar are 1/2 teaspooneach. ,

The stage of its preparation is the same as most raw chili sauces , that is,mix and lick until the loo of all the above ingredients. The degree of delicacy also adjusts the needs and tastes of each person. But for the basil leavesand tomatoes let it be put last because itshould not be too smooth.

When you eatat the stall, there may not be many stalls that provide different types of popular chili sauce on top of it.  Therefore, because of the ease of ingredients used in its preparation, you cantryto makeyour ownrecipes for various chili sauces in Western Java that are spicy, salty and fresh.

Because of the large number of Sambal lovers, until now Sambal began to enter other countries. This is because the delicious tasteof the chili sauce is truly second to none. In fact, manyare crazy about chili sauce with the presence of chili saucewhich makes the food tastier. You can preparerecipes forvarious other chilisauces in West Java.

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