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What is the total population density of the province of West Java?

What is the total population density of the province of West Java from year to year? According to valid data, the population of West Java is still the largest in Indonesia. According to the last census 2020, it shows a significant increase of up to 6 million inhabitants. To be precise, the development from 43.05 million inhabitants to 49.94 million inhabitants.

West Javais one of the provinces that existed during the Dutch colonial period. The province was founded with the State since 1950. It has been established for a long time and has become a city full of extraordinary events. One of them was the conflagration that caused a stir throughout the archipelago and even the world at the time.

It has a very luas area  of up to 35 thousand kilometers. It is clear that the area is capable of housing many people. Led by Ridwan Kamil, bandung is believed to be more prosperous. The growth of society will therefore be in balance with the equal distribution of wealth. Creating many new policies that benefit the people is the right answer.

Therefore, what is the total population density of the province of West Java. It won’t be over, because it’s at the center of government. DKI Jakarta is one of the areas with the greatest density of people. This happens because the population increases with its narrow area.

Distribution of community density in West Java Province

With luas almost 36 thousand square km. Data on the West Java province region is inhabited by a population of up to 46 million people. Spread over 26 districts and cities, 635 subdistricts and 5899 subdistricts. The most densely populated numbers, on the other hand, are in the bogor and banjar areas.


How much does the distribution of west Java people cost in Bogor City? Approximately up to 4.9 million inhabitants. Meanwhile, the city of Banjar is inhabited by only 192,903 people. Only 0.25 percent of that. what about the other cities? Like usedi, depok, sukabumi, bandung and others?


For the density of society, the average is almost a million inhabitants. Only banjar, cirebon, sukabumi and cimahi are hundreds of thousands. If you see this difference, the distribution of density is of course not evenly distributed. Unique is that almost the entire area inj abar is more men. An anomaly in Indonesia until recently.

Usually the number of males and females is greater in females. We look at the regions of Central and East Java. The two should be more girls seen from many places. Even in Indonesia, there are more women than men. So what are the factors that can make it happen?


No one knows so far. About what is the population density of the province of West Java why there may be more men. Everything is done in kind l without any regulation. So it’s clear why many cases of same-sex parties in the region are actually affected by this one inequality.


For those whodon’t know: bogor is indeed a hub city for gays. A disease of people ofthe same sex. Often parties in hotels and even rental houses. It is a disease that must be eradicated so that it does not spread further to the people of Indonesia.


People jobs in West Java

What is the population density of the province of West Java for?  Many young people have already found a job and they don’t. Work is an important thing to have in order tolive a different life. Especially in the big cities on West Java that ask to be independent. The large number of nomads is also one of the causes.

For the average percentage of the entire population at the end of 2020. Nearly 11 percent of the total population. A number that is not fooled causes many people to be less affluent. Linked to the prolonged pandemic period. Bankrupt many large factories or streamline spending.

One is by firing many potential employees. So there is a lot of unemployment everywhere. For the distribution of the city of Bogor 14%, Sukabumi 9&, Cianjur 11%, Bandung 8.5%, Garut 8.9%, Tasikmalaya 7%, Ciamis 5.6%, Kuningan 11%, Majalengka 5%, Sumedang 8.8%, Indrayu 9.2%, and so on.

Everything if it is added up, this will be 10%. So it’s a huge spread. Linked to the age of the new workforce that has just graduated from school. If there is another pandemic period , it is possible that it will continue to grow. The large number of companies that streamlined their work became one of the main causes.

No wonder of the large number of unemployed, many nomads go outside the area. Solo became the main destination for many nomads from West Java. The city that is dubbed as the most comfortable city is indeed the case. The cost of living is cheap with a convenient location. Who doesn’t feel at home there.

What , then, is the population density of the province of West Java after the large number of overseas processes of the population? Just wait for the next census. Everything will be clearly visible about the large number of this population movement. According to the facts, many residents have also moved their place of residence to make it more comfortable.

Population welfare policy of the province of West Java

Because policy that is being pursued to improve the well-being of West Java is, of course, the adoption of small Bandung. Able to develop many MSMEs faster in Asian market competition. It is clear that these developments will be implemented to alleviate many unemployed people. The starup system is also being intensified so that many creative companies are full of ideas.

So it’s not just being able to absorb a lot of labor. But the policy also stimulates the existence of critical thinkers. The hope is that there are no more questions about the total population density of the province of West Java. With the MSME system, large companies will arise such as gojek, grab and so on.

It’s just to get the goal. Schools need to pay more attention to raising the seeds of intelligent thinkers. If the school is indeed still not active. At the very least, offer tools to talented students. By providing scholarships or training, there is hope to be able to develop faster.

That is why the budget for regional expenditure is always taken into account. By paying attention to the population density of the province of West Java. It is to be hoped that each of these policies can encourage the programme next year. This semacam program  is indeed somewhat useless today. However, a few years later, it can certainly be more useful.

Prediction of population density growth

Keep predicting population density growth. What is the total population density of the province of West Java in the following years? According to current data and facts. The growth will increase thedracticgrowth. Many vacations and wfh ensure that many people have a deeper family of intensistas.

Therefore, according to the facts, in a few years there will be developments to millions of new inhabitants. It’s not just from birth and death. Perhaps there will be an influencing population movement. All this is a natural and definitive fact. So, of course, according to the science of prediction, growth must be rapid.

Yet the province will still be ready to handle it all. Thinking about what prosperity is like so that the population has jobs. It is certainly always thought of by Ridwan Kamil and his successors. Other major cities will also continue to work together to form a strong region of Indonesia.

How can you not be curious about how much the population is spreading in West Java? It is indeed still fairly quiet, but it can develop quickly in the future. But thanks to the solvent policy of Ridwan Kamil. Whether the population density of the province of West Java is still safe for the inhabitants.

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