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List of Samsung TV Service Centers in Indonesia

Is the TV at home bad? Don’t rush to update, try to fix it by Samsung TV Service Center first. Televisions must be equipped with electronic equipment. It is especially beneficial to many TV products, such as Samsung Smart TV.

This electronic device is not only available at home, but also has permanent TVs in offices, schools and other rooms. One of its electronic products is the entertainment media for watching news and reality shows.

Although the price of TV is expensive with supporting power, there are many damage to electronic equipment. If it cannot be opened, multi-channel loses the TV hardware. This Samsung TV Service Center is therefore available for consumers as well

Samsung this Indonesian electronics market first know, Shipu refrigerator TV things. Then Samsung released a smartphone device, which proved to be very demanding. Don’t be surprised by the availability of Korean brand service centers.

Samsung TV Service Center address

The service center is useful when the Junjia TV is damaged, faulty, or needs spare parts. Summary of the Indonesian capital Samsung TV service center address

  1. Jakarta

– SCBD Jl. Jend.Sudirman Kav 52-53 Lot 11 (021) 57973171

-Boulevard Barat Blok LC 7 No. 58, Kelapa Gading Barat, JKT (021) 2900223

-Mall Ambassador Lt.3 A3, Professor Dr. Jl. Satrio, Jaksel (021) 5760664

-Jl. Tomanraya 1, Jaqbal (021) 56997777

  1. Bandung

– Bandung Presidential Palace Electronic Center (BEC) Jl. Punawaman 13-15, Bandung (022) 4205949

-Jl. Ir.Juanda (DAGO) No. 150 万隆 (022) 2532152

  1. Yogyakarta

-Jl. Yogyakarta Shopping Center Jl. Brigan Katamso 75-77 Yogyakarta (0274) 557573

-Jl. P. Diponigoro No. 59, Yogyakarta (0274) 557573

  1. Sambo State

– Simpang Plaza 5 (Plaza 2) Jl. Jander Ahmadyani 1, Semarang (024) 8457040

-Dr. Jl. Sipto 111, Semarang (024) 3564777

  1. only

Jl. Citation Dr. 241 (0271) 9125573

  1. stingy

– Lieutenant General S. Perlman No. 82 Kav.7 (0341) 403416

– Malang Square Huh. Agus Salim 24-26 (0341) 345953

  1. Surabaya

– Marina Plaza Jl. Raya Magore Hoinda 97-99, SBY (031) 8493720 30

-Jl. Darmo No. 92, Surabaya (031) 5661928-29 28

  1. Bali

-Jl. Teuku Umar 122, Sidenpasar (0361) 244410

  1. Bangalmashin

-Jl. Jande. Ahmed Yani km 5,8 No 9 RT 1 (0511) 3265854

  1. Three Marinda

-Jl. 64 Hassan Basli, North Sammarinda (0541) 746030

  1. Pontianak

-Jl. Gajah Mada No. 78 A Pontianak (0561) 737162

  1. whereas

-Jl. Gatot Subroto KM 4.5 No. 16, Sei Sikambang Medan 20119 (061) 4566466

  1. Batam

-Jl. Ladenbata No.1-2 (Samfo no return Bukit Nagoya complex)

  1. Palembang

Jl. Basuki Rahmat 48J, Palembang (0711) 356829

Layanan Samsung pick-up and delivery

In the government’s recommendation to stay home, Samsung wants to repair electronic devices (TVs) for consumers to pick up and deliver. Suppliers of electronic products in the country are responsible for customers.

You don’t need to be a three-star TV service center, and you can get a three-star shuttle bus today. Since the 2020 season, supply must minimize the demand of consumers who go to home.

Those who want to use it can visit it from many sources, such as:

  1. Live chat on Samsung Indonesia official page, or also thanks to its WhatsApp number 0818 021 55777.
  2. Download the Samsung app on your smartphone and enjoy the Samsung TV Service Center . Samsung members must have an app to get brand fun also.

Its business hours are from 9:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Come to the pick-up officer such as hygiene protocols, wear masks, gloves and storage.

In addition, pick-up and delivery services are not only the property of the warranty period. There is no re-warranty period, you can also apply. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop at smartphones.

However, you can recognize the TV matter because of the Samsung contact number listed above. With its not going, it is also used in electronic products also.

Samsung Service Center Affairs

Daily electronic equipment, Samsung brand TV consumers sued, encountered its production. The following Samsung TV Service Center team can be governed:

  1. Smart TVs don’t want to connect to WiFi, or consumers often complain about not being able to access YouTube.
  2. No TVs with Samsung servers
  3. TVs that cannot transmit sound/audio despite full volume
  4. The TV hardware is bad, so the device cannot be turned on
  5. The TV software is bad, so that the backup book can not be channeled, and one is blurred
  6. Although the TV is under warranty, the TV is dead.

Users have a lot of other things, near Samsung TV Service Center to fix it

Tips when visiting Samsung Service Center

Indonesia Samsung TV Service Center has a common phone number, Junke Department. Those who want CS to visit the Samsung TV service center directly, should prepare several things, such as stories

  1. Name information, complete address, TV brand details, still warranty or out of warranty
  2. With an aging table
  3. Tell for a long time, and the same as before
  4. If it is still under warranty, please bring the manual with you

As a reminder, it is recommended that you call Samsung Customer Service first. It is for smart TV users, often have a telephone, do not need to service the center also.

It was because of telephone consultation. In addition to the service center, more Samsung TV service center Indonesia is not available and can be viewed on Google Maps


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